Stephanie & Fraser Backyard Engagement

Stephanie & Fraser Backyard Engagement

One of my favourite childhood memories was playing in the forest behind my house. Going on mini-adventures, playing hide-in-go-seek, building forts, and picking fresh berries. My forest is what Frasers Grandpa’s backyard was to him. As a child Fraser played in this AMAZING backyard where we did their engagement photos.

I have to admit, Fraser might have one-upped me…as my forest did not have a pond with a row boat, a pool or a mini cabin. This backyard is a child’s (or adults) dream and I’m so glad that Stephanie and Fraser shared it with us. But this time we played in big kids style. We got to drink wine in the row boat, Fraser’s very styling bike (which was definitely the coolest bike on the block) included a beer opener and Ken…well he was still playing with remote control toys getting some photos with the drone.

Cannot wait for Stephanie and Fraser’s wedding...and to be invited over for another play date.

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