Langara Cover

Langara Cover

Well, it’s not the cover of the Rolling Stones…but it’s probably as close as I’ll ever get, so I’ll take it!

Being a photographer and always on the other side of the lens, there are rarely any photos of me. You would think being married to a photographer I would have lots of photos, but it’s the classic story of the cobbler’s wife who has no shoes. This lack of photos was getting so bad that I found out many people in the wedding industry didn’t even know what I look like. Everyone knew the company, but no one knew me.

So this year, I made it my intention to post more photos! And boy did the universe help me out on this one. I received an e-mail from Langara College, where I went to photography school, asking if they could do a cover story on me since I was one of their successful past graduates. I didn’t think it was a big deal. I really didn’t think anyone would see the magazine except students on campus. Boy, was I wrong.

A couple weeks ago I started to get e-mails and text from friends and clients sending me photos of posters they saw downtown, on-line fb ads or that they received the magazine at home. I had no idea what I got myself into.

But the best part has been receiving so many e-mails and texts saying how much I have inspired them by following my dreams and turning them into a reality. Before I was a photographer, I was an elementary school teacher. One of the reasons I went into teaching was because I wanted to inspire people to following their dreams and give them the skills and confidence to do it. Then one day I decided to follow my dreams. It’s so touching to know that I am still inspiring others, while doing something I love so much.

Moral of the story: Make your intention to the universe (insert religious belief here) and take a step everyday closer to your dreams and one day your dreams will be your reality.

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